Gospel of John Sunday School | Week 19


Notes from John 6:25-58

People grumble. Perhaps that is why optimistic individuals are generally well-liked. The only ones who don’t like optimists are often the ones who are content grumbling, and a positive perspective challenges them to stop grumbling. Thus, they grumble all the more.

The most famous “grumblers” of the Bible are the newly freed Israelites. They grumble when they are being pursued by the Egyptians, they grumble when they have to wait for Moses at Sinai, they grumble when God miraculously provided manna for them while they wandered in the wilderness; which, as you may recall, was the result of their sin.

Fast forward to the first century, and the present Jews were grumbling about Jesus (6:41). Their reasons then, just as their ancestors’ in the desert had been, were focused on their expectations not being met. The people wanted a meal, a miracle, and a messiah that matched their expectations. To the crowds, Jesus only meant a free meal (26).

How could they miss the point? How could they miss the point, knowing full well that their forefathers missed the point and were punished for missing the point back in the Exodus?

Sin causes us to live with blinders on. Every Christian knows all to well the feeling of falling into the same patterns of sin; that “how could I do that again?” moment. We’re flawed, faulty, and fickle. If believers can make that mistake, even with the Holy Spirit and a regenerated heart, it makes complete sense that the lost ignore the truth.

The clear, plain, and supernatural manifestation of the Son of God was not enough for the crowds. Jesus explained why they were finding His words so difficult. Twice, He tells them that the Father is responsible for drawing people to belief (37, 44). Still, His mission was to proclaim the truth of salvation to all (38, 45). His mission would culminate in giving of Himself, which would complete His work and provide that salvation to those who believe (54-56).


We have no reason to grumble. We deserve worse than we have. We deserve death. But through Jesus’ selfless sacrifice, we have life.

We also have no reason to not share the Gospel. The Father draws, the Son atones, and the Spirit regenerates. We have been tasked to tell this to all people.

We have a reason to take the Lord’s Supper. Jesus’ words in John 6 explain the reality under the symbol of communion. His body and blood provide and secure our salvation. We can joyfully partake of the elements, knowing Jesus has fulfilled the law, taken our place, and promised we will be raised on the last day.

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